Good bye,Winter.




Spring is very close, I am just waiting for the official change of hour. I can also appreciate that the days are longer and in London the Sun shines, as result the people is happier. The almond flowers bloom in Spring, so that gives you an idea, why, Burberry has chosen this topic for its window.

La Primavera ya esta aqui, solamente estoy esperando al cambio oficial de hora. Noto que los dias son mas largos y que en Londres el Sol brilla, por lo que se ve a la gente mas feliz. La flor del almendro florece en Primavera, asi que esto, os da una idea de, por qué, Burberry ha elegido este tema para su escaparate.

3 thoughts on “Good bye,Winter.

  1. So true…pastel colours…from yellows. ..whites……blues….But it m guessing as hot as has been last few weeks…colours could come as strong or acid too;)….who knows, spring is a mystery and the opening of the season…x

    • Exactly Marina, the colours of the Spring are pastel colours while in Summer are stronger as the ones you have said. However, the colour you wear depends most of the time of how you feel so… if you feel you want to wear fluorescent or stronger colours, don´t suppress yourself and bring some pop up colours to the street.

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